UGA’s Coaching Spotlight Features “Coach Bri”!

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Coach BriBri has been a valuable asset to UGA since she arrived close to year ago, she’s gained a ton of praise for her coaching knowledge and ability to make her classes enjoyable at the same time. We encourage you to read her bio below, say hello in-between classes and if you think your son or daughter would enjoy one of her classes, feel free to sign up with her! We know she’s great and think you will agree!

Name: Brianne “Bri” Honiotes

Hometown: Manteca, California

Favorite Food/Restaurant: Mexican, hands down. I would live on chips and salsa if given the chance.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – I want to retire there someday!

Favorite Movie: Tough one, I’m a sucker for Pretty Woman

Any Pets: Right now I only have one beagle named Watson, although I grew up on a pseudo-farm with cows, pigs, sheep and goats!

Favorite Athlete: Joe Montana, I grew up watching him build a dynasty in San Francisco

Favorite Musician:  Kenny Chesney, nothing sounds as much like summer as he does!

Favorite Activity: Anything outdoors – gardening, hiking, biking or just enjoying BBQ action by the pool

Years Coaching: 8

Levels Coached: At some point, anything from mom/tot thru Junior Olypmics Level 7

Favorite Event and Why: Balance Beam. There’s nothing more awe inspiring than to flip through the air and land on something only 4 inches wide.

Coaching Philosophy: FUNdamentals are key. Teaching young gymnasts that are just starting out the proper and safe techniques is always the number one priority. Once you understand the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics the sky is the limit for what you can achieve and what awesome tricks you can learn.

Advice to gymnasts: Everyone gets scared and everyone falls at some point. The difference between a good gymnast and a great gymnast is how you decide to handle those situations – a good gymnast lets the fall defeat them, a great gymnast values the fear and learns from it. BE GREAT!

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