When does your next session start?

Our program runs monthly, you can register at any-time via our parent portal or front desk and any missed classes would be prorated.

How many classes per week? How many per month?

Tuition is based off 1 class per week on an average of 4 weeks per month. Some months you will have 5 classes depending on how the calendar falls. Tuition is the same each month whether it’s a shorter or longer month. If you’d like your child to attend more than once a week you can sign up for an additional class at a discount!

When will my card be charged?

Tuition is due the 24th of each month, if you wish to avoid the auto-charge to your card you may pay by cash, check, or in person prior to the 17th of the month. If you fail to pay prior to the 17th of the month your card on file will be charged on the 24th.

Is my card info safe?

Yes! We are completely PCI compliant and will securely keep your card on file. Once your card is stored in our system it is encrypted.

What if I wish to un-enroll for a month?

To un-enroll for a month and avoid the auto-charge to your card you must submit written notice to the office no later than the 17th of the month to ugaillinois@gmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email back within 48 hours.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer multiple child/multiple class discounts, 5% off two classes, 10% off three classes, and 15% off four classes. We also would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude by offering a 20% discount to all military and law enforcement families! Thank you for your service and our continued safety!

What is your make-up policy?

At UGA students are allowed to make-up any classes they miss. We are closed on the following major holidays; New Year’s Eve (after 2pm), New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. If your child’s class falls on a holiday we are closed on please contact the office to schedule a make-up. The gym takes two weeks off out of the year, a week at Christmas and a week at 4th of July, these classes would not result in a make-up as they are already factored into tuition! Make-ups must be scheduled ahead of time with the front office. Please bare in mind we strive to keep a safe student to instructor ratio and cannot permit an unscheduled make-up if it will result in an overloaded class.

Punctuality Plea:

We would like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of being on time and present for your child’s class. Several missed classes can affect their progression through the program. As well, the first few minutes of class during stretch/warm-up is when the instructors take attendance and establish trust and control with their students. When a child comes in late it can be disruptive causing the instructor to lose any effectiveness they have already established. We ask all families to please be mindful of attendance and punctuality and remember you can always schedule a make-up if needed! Thank you!

What is the anniversary fee?

The anniversary charge is essentially a registration fee that is charged per student at the time of initial registration and due annually. Once you pay it, it’s not due for another year regardless of time off or not.

What should my child wear?

For gymnastics classes girls typically wear a leotard but can wear shorts and t-shirts. For boys, any lounge wear is acceptable as long as it’s comfortable to move in. We do ask that students don’t wear any jeans or dresses as not to restrict movement. Bare feet are best for traction but socks are permitted in the mini gym if the child prefers them. For tumbling classes students are allowed to wear tennis shoes if they desire. Please note: We do ask that hair is pulled back away from the face and no dangly jewelry or special bows or toys are brought into the gym. We would hate for anything important to get lost!

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes! Please check with the front desk if you are missing an item. Please know UGA is not responsible for any lost/stolen items. When bringing in electronics/toys such as mobile phones, iPads, music devices, etc. you do so at your own risk.

Do you have open gyms?

Yes! Our open gym times are Fridays 7:30-9pm, $15/child and Sundays 12-1:30pm, $10/child throughout the school year. During the summer months Friday open gyms change to Thursdays 6-7:30pm $10/child. Parents are welcome to assist smaller children if needed. We also offer a preschool open gym the first Friday of every month from 11-12pm for $5/child and is open to ages 6 and under! Please check out our Facebook page for special open gym events throughout the year!

What if I need to change my child’s class or they move up in level?

If your schedule changes and you need to switch to a different day or time please call or stop in the office and we can move your child over to a new class based on availability. If your child advances to another level please notify the office and we will move them up!

How will I know when my child is ready to advance?

At UGA we advance students as soon as they are ready for the next level. They do not have to complete the month in order to be moved up. Once they acquire the skills needed to advance we will move them up! Our coaches are very good at identifying when a student is ready to advance and will let you know when that time comes. However, you can always ask your child’s instructor if they think they are ready as well!