Cheer & Tumbling

Beginning Tumbling

Students will learn basic body positions and skills for tumbling. Tumbling skills introduced will include back walkovers, round offs, and flip flop work.  Students will be prepared to begin working on more advanced tumbling and cheerleading skills.

Age: 6 – 18






Intermediate Tumbling

Students will continue to learn the basic body positions and skills for tumbling, while increasing their strength, flexibility and body control.  Students must be able to do a flip flop on their own, on a wedge.

Age: 6 – 18




Advanced Tumbling

Girls will continue to increase strength, flexibility, and body control. Tumbling skills will include round off back handsprings, front handsprings, back tuck, front tucks, and more. If you need to learn to tumble better for cheerleading this class is for you!

Age: 6 – 18