UGA is one of the newest state-of-the-art facilities in the South/Southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Safety Equipment

  • Two in-ground resi pits for tumbling and one in-ground resi pit for bars
  • Newest design of channel bar available
  • In-ground loose foam pit for bars
  • In-ground loose foam pit and in-ground resi pit for vault landings
  • Two in-ground resi pits and In-ground loose foam pit for beam dismounts


Trampoline and Tumbling

  • 30 foot in-ground tumble track which leads into an in-ground loose foam pit
  • Competition trampoline that leads into an in-ground loose foam pit


Recreational Equipment

  • 3 low beams
  • 2 Spieth Anderson high beams
  • 30’x80’ mini room designed specifically for the safari program (covered spring floor throughout)
  • 2 AAI single rail barsdesigned for tots (for those little hands!)

Team Equipment

  • Two sets of competition AAI Elite bars
  • Two sets of competition Speith Anderson bars
  • Two AAI Elite single rail bars
  • 2 AAI Elite vaults
  • 4 competition Speith Anderson balance beams
  • 3 competition AAI Elite balance beams
  • 2 AAI Elite low beams
  • 44×42 foot competition Stratum Spring floor
  • 10’ Tumble track bar system